Mission Vision and Values

Our Vision

Solaire will be the best ultimate gaming resort in the Philippines.


Our Mission

Working in harmony, we create exceptional, stimulating and memorable experience for our guests by consistently providing incomparable, personalized service with delightful surprises in our beautiful environment. With a culture built upon a foundation of doing the simple things well with attention to detail, enthusiasm and passion, we will exceed guest expectations and create a sense of team member pride and fulfillment.

Our success will result in superior return for our shareholders, contribute to the restoration of the Philippines as a premier tourist destination, create jobs and improve the economy.





We are committed to SERVICE

We demonstrate strong commitment to meeting the needs of our guests or customers, stakeholders and co-workers, striving to ensure their full satisfaction.


We strive for EXCELLENCE

We are results driven. We demonstrate concern for achieving or surpassing results against an internal or external standard of excellence. We show passion for improving the delivery of services with a commitment to continuous improvement.



We care about the success of our enterprise and for each of our team member.



We think carefully about the likely effects on others of one’s words, actions, appearance and mode of behavior. We select the words of actions most likely to have the desired effect on the individual or group in question. We measure our results to ensure achievements.



We perform more than is required or expected in the job. We do things that no one has requested that will help avoid or resolve problems, improve or enhance products and services and develop lasting customer service experience. We plan ahead for upcoming problems or opportunities and take appropriate action.